Sterling Silver Round Opal Cremation Pendant with Dichroic Glass
These Memory pendants are made with your loved ones ashes.
The beautiful dichroic glass stone is made with some of your loved ones ashes. It is then set in a solid sterling silver pendant. A lock of hair keepsake can be placed in the back of the pendant. A small amount of cremains may be substituted for a lock of hair if preferred. Each pendant is unique so color and pattern may vary. The Pendant also comes with a black satin cord with your choice of length. 
The stone dimensions are 1" glass and is set in a 1 1/4" sterling silver cab

When you place your order we will send you 
a kit containing a vial for the ashes and a complete set of
After we receive your kit, the artist will
permanently seal the lock of hair
 or ash in the viewing 
area in the back of the pendant. 
The artist will then design,
fire and ship 
your finished piece

Great care and respect is taken at all times. 
The artist requests, but does not require, 
a photo of your loved one 
so they have a sense of the person and the 
life being commemorated
 as they work on your memorial pendant
Any remaining hair will be returned to you with
 your completed pendant.

We offer you a 100% money-back guarantee

The price is $194.99
+ $20.00 for Engraving

              Engraving option
 One line circular 20 Character
 on Back of Pendant (+ $20.00)

        (check one)              

 Line one

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       Large          $224.99 Pink Opal Not Engraved
       Large           $244.99 Pink Opal Engraved

              Chain selection                               
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Your Email

 lock of hair style shown on back of pendant
cremains style shown on back of pendant 

Please contact me for instructions on mailing lock of hair or ashes
email me
       Large          $244.99 blue Opal Engraved
       Large          $224.99 Blue Opal Not Engraved
Pink opal Dichroic cremation pendant
blue opal Dichroic cremation pendant
Green opal cremation pendant
back of  Opal Dichroic Glasspendant showing lock of  hair
 Opal Dichroic Glass with cremains
white opal cremation pendant
       Small          $214.99 blue Opal Engraved
       Small          $194.99 Blue Opal Not Engraved

       Small        $214.99 Green Opal Engraved
       Large          $224.99 Green Opal Not Engraved
       Small          $194.99 Pink Opal Not Engraved
     Small       $214.99 Pink Opal Engraved
       Large          $244.99 Green Opal Engraved
       Small          $194.99 Green Opal Not Engraved
       Large          $244.99 Pearl Opal Engraved
       Large          $224.99 Pearl Opal Not Engraved
       Small          $214.99 Pearl Opal Engraved
      Small          $194.99 Pearl Opal Not Engraved

16" black cord w/ lobster clasp
18" black cord w/ lobster clasp
20" black cord w/ lobster clasp
22" black cord w/ lobster clasp
24" black cord w/ lobster clasp