blue Celebration of Life funeral kit
Celebration of Life Kits
Plan a life celebration and remember the life of a loved one.
This kit includes everything a family needs to create a personalized and memorable life celebration.
Kit Includes:
- Sturdy outer box to serve as a keepsake container
- Silk urn, in steel blue, sage green or maroon
- Beautiful cloth Memory Book/Guest Book/Photo Album
- "Planning a Life Celebration" Guide Book
- (50) 4"x6" Share Memories Cards, family and friends write their memories of the departed
- (50) Matching Thank You Notes
- (100) Matching Memorial Folders
- (1) Pen
- (1) Plantable Heart Card keepsake
- Glue dots to affix photos in memory book
Red celebration of life cremation kit
Tan celebration of life urn set
memory books
open memory books
outer box
memory cards
Thank you folders
outer box
Thank you cards
Pages for photos and memory cards - Favorites and Personal Achievements
Planning a Celebration of Life, A Simple Guide for Turning a Memorial Service into a Celebration of Life.
" At last, a complete book to help guide families through creating a memorable and personalized life celebration event. From suggestions on where to hold the event, to a selection of recommended current music and poems this book is full of ideas that will make planning a life celebrateion
funeral guide book
(50) Share Memories Cards. 
Family and friends are encouraged to write their memories of their loved one on the cards.
 The cards say,
 "My Special Memory of You…” When people enter the service, a family member or the funeral director hands the guest a card with a pen. At the end of the service, the cards are collected and are placed inside cloth book. 
The cards are hole punched so they can be placed throughout the book.
A silk and cloth memory book/guest book/photo album.
Much more than just a register or guest book this book captures the essence of the person- their passions, hobbies, interests, accomplishments and family history. Reflect on special moments by including photos. Share friends and family's personal memories by inserting the "My Special Memory of You" cards into the book. 
Additionally, the book can be used as a guest book at the life celebration. This book will be treasured for 
generations to come. 
red fabric urn
taupe fabric urn
The silk urns are  constructed using a durable inner container which is wrapped with a fitted slip cover made from 100% silk. 
 These urns also meet the standards of the Transportation 
Security Administration and can pass through gate-side security and be carried on board an airplane.
blue fabric urn
(50) Matching Thank You Notes. 
These cards say, "Your Kindness.... is deeply appreciated during this difficult time." Families can consult the Planning a Life Celebration Guidebook for ideas of what to write on the cards. We make a difficult task much easier.
(100) Matching Memorial Folders. Beautiful memorial folders are provided as well as a sample. These folders are perforated and ready for any computer printer. They also can by copied at a local copy shop. Personalize these coordinating folders with photos and poems or verses.
Sturdy Outer Box to serve as a keepsake container. The nice blue box is ideal to keep precious memories and paper work all in one place.